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The most sparing temperature mode in Turkish hammam varies from 30 to 55°С. Huge advantage of it: you can always turn it "halfway down" manually, that's why hammam is not dangerous for people with certain diseases and having contraindications for ordinary sauna: hypertensive, arythmic, etc.

This temperature mode is loved by those who just don't like or can't stand high temperatures. The advantage of hammam is its warm steam saturating all of your body with moisture and "rinsing" all your organs and systems.

Most beauticians recommend hammam as one of the most efficient ways to purify your skin. This is one of the reasons women like hammam so much.

As to general impact to your body, hammam procedures allow to release toxines and waste from your entire body, remove fatigue, normalize lungs and digestive system functions. Hammam is popular among doctors as it helps to get rid of catarrh and fever heat, bronchitis, antritis, relieves asthma and cures alcoholism.