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Doctors consider sauna a fine way to cleanse body and restore muscle tone. That's why a visit to sauna is recommended after working out or fitness classes. Steamy procedures favor stress release and complete relaxation. Sauna impacts whole body skin beneficially.

Sauna is known for optimal ratio of moisture and temperature. If compared with Russian banya, Finnish sauna is much hotter: temperatures inside may rise up to 100°С while humidity stays somewhere around 15%.

When you breathe in heated air it saturates mucous airway pipes with blood, exciting cells and healing entire body. When your body is warmed up metabolism goes faster and benefits your skin.

Back in the past people just used to warm up at saunas, simply sweating, without using special leaf brooms. And now in many countries, including Finland, people use brooms at sauna and pour water or herbal essences on the stones.

Between short visits into sauna a cold shower is recommended, while water temperature should be reduces gradually. Cool drinks are also recommended at sauna: mineral water, natural juices, kvass, herbal tea. Masks and scrubs are very welcome. You can also do some wrapping procedures at sauna.

The cost of visiting 3000 RUR for two hours, the occupancy is 4 guests.