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Healing impact on your body goes through water jets of different shape, direction and pressure.

The jets impact your skin, change vessel tone briefly, which stimulates trophic processes in innner organs.

A hot tub (40°C and more) raises skeletal muscle and vessel tone, widens vessels and leads to a sufficient blood influx to your skin.

Warm and cool tubs (37°C and less), on the opposite, lower tone and arterial pressure.

There are numerous advantages of jacuzzi compared to an ordinary hot tub or shower. Hydromassage allows to:

  • improve blood circulation

  • reduce muscle spasm

  • increase ductility

  • improve joint mobility

  • relieve stress and tension, relax the nervous system

  • stimulate the lymphatic system, as it helps washing toxines away

  • increase metabolism and favor losing weight

  • reduce pain

  • raise your mood, developing endorphines, the joy hormones